Flying Vertical Leap

How to Improve Your Running Vertical Jump With Minimal Effort

Improving your vertical jump is one thing, but to actually use your highest vertical jump in a sports game is another. Many athletes find it difficult to transition their standing vertical jump into a running vertical jump. To help you convert your high leap into that game-winning dunk, we have written about some advanced techniques you may want to explore.

When playing intense sports that involve running and jumping, such as with basketball in the NBA, there is generally one technique that athletes regularly use to improve their game and to test how far they have come in their sport – by doing a vertical jump. If you’ve never heard of it before, you’re probably wondering, “What is a vertical jump?”

A vertical jump, in essence, is jumping straight up and testing how high you can jump. There are two ways to practice the vertical jump: The standing vertical jump, and the running vertical jump.
The standing vertical jump is done from a standstill and involves you taking absolutely no steps at all. The running vertical jump involves you running or adding some sort of energy to make an attempt to improve your standing vertical jump. This often results in a higher leap, but it definitely requires some practice to redirect that forward energy into an explosive jump!

The average vertical jump in the NBA is 28 inches. This may not seem like a lot, but take note that this involves several players in the NBA that don’t jump particularly well with those who are literally airborne for seconds. The difference in those being able to jump extremely high and those that can’t really means the making or breaking of a true basketball star!

If the average is 28 inches, what’s the highest vertical leap? The highest vertical jump in the NBA is 46 inches, and the man who holds that title is named Jason Richardson. Next up we have Lebron James, who is able to jump 44 inches. The 3-time dunk champion, Nate Robinson, is able to jump 43.5 inches. Both Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce are able to jump 38 inches.

Running Vertical JumpJust to give you some perspective, these men are known as being the best at what they do. They’re known for being high jumpers and men who regularly dunk from both standing and running vertical jumps. If their vertical jump is under 4 feet, it is safe to assume that your vertical jump will not get even close to that. For athletes like you and me to even jump three feet or higher would be extremely impressive in itself. That’s not to say it’s impossible. At the end of the day many NBA stars got to where they are now through training and there is nothing stopping us from doing the same!

There are several techniques that many star athletes have used to help increase their running vertical jump. Many of them like to put heavy weights on their chest, arms, and legs, and practice jumping for at least an hour per day. By doing this, and adding the restraints when they jump without the weights, they will be able to jump quite a bit higher. Lebron James is noted for wearing a weight vest while he practices, which he does seven days per week. True dedication to improving that running vertical jump!

If you’re wanting to increase your vertical jump, you are going to have to put quite a bit of effort into it. I do not know what your running vertical jump currently is, but if you can get over two-and-a-half feet, then you’re doing spectacular. My only advice would be for you to continually practice as much as you possibly can. Like the saying goes, the only way to get where you want is to practice, practice, practice! Keep that in mind, and you’ll do great!

Luckily, there are many jump training programs that can help us with our vertical jumps. The best training program I have come across is Vert Shock. This program explains in great detail every little intricacy about the science of jumping. Only once you know all there is to know about the muscles involved and the exercises to train them, will you be able to jump your absolute highest. From the physics of momentum to proper nutrition, this is what every sports athlete should know. I have written a Vert Shock review, which you can find by navigating to the top of the page.

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Raise Your Vertical Jump

How to Raise Your Vertical Jump

While being a good basketball or volleyball player, you may still feel that something is missing. The ability to raise your vertical jump to dunk or deliver high blocks would just be the cherry on top of an ice cream. People tend to think that it’s all about genetics and they don’t even bother thinking about jumping higher.

I’m gonna have to break it down to you… It’s not all about the genetics. Genetics only play a role in the beginning. Some people have an advantage over another, but in the end, almost everybody starts off equal.

I’m glad you had the courage to investigate further into the topic (or at least, I hope you do considering you are reading this post), because you are going to find out some interesting things about raising your vertical jump. Your vertical jump or the ability to push yourself horizontally (read: sprint) all comes down to one thing – the explosive strength. Explosive strength itself comes from your muscle reflexes. Obviously there are some other factors like the strength balance and proportions of your body BUT, that jump reflex matters the most.

Now the question is, how to improve the performance of that jump reflex? There are many many different exercises, but they are all basically the same. Maybe you have seen those African tribes that bounce/jump around, in fact, they jump really high. I will tell you exactly why they have such a great vertical jump later in this post.

The question remains, how to train that jump reflex we talked about? Well, I don’t think that there is a best way to do it, but I can tell you how it works and throw in some great exercises that I use to raise my vertical jump.

The jump reflex is all about the speed of contracting the muscles that trigger when you are about to push yourself towards the sky.

People are being mislead by the opinion that doing exercises like squats for example, will help them raise their vertical jump. It will of course improve a little, but not very much. It will improve your ability to squat better, not jump higher – now that I said that out loud it sounds kinda obvious, right?

Squatting will improve your ability to squat better, not jump higher.

If you want to increase any of your physical abilities, doesn’t matter whether it’s vertical jumping or weight lifting, you need to use resistance. The type of resistance varies in different fields of sport. In weight lifting, it’s obviously weights themselves, but what kind of resistance is used in vertical jump training? Let’s say that you are standing on a spot, not moving or anything, and you jump up as high as you can – no resistance, just a regular jump. Now let’s say that you are falling from a small platform and you try to jump right on the impact – The inertia that came from the fall is your resistance in this case.

So, now we need to put those statements into exercises and those exercises into workouts AND those workouts into training schedules.
Let’s start off with some great exercises to raise your vertical jump and improve your jump reflex.

Jump Reflex Exercise #1

Find something that is atleast 50cm high and tolerates your bodyweight. Now you what you’re going to do is simple: First you need to stand on the object you found, then jump off, and now right when you hit the ground, try to jump as high as possible, as fast as possible. If you land, then slowly squat down and take a huge swing with your arms… it’s just not how it works. You need to “bounce” back up when you land without bending your knees very low.

Jump Reflex Exercise #1

For this exercise you need two objects that you can jump between. Both should be at least 30cm – 40cm. You start off like before, but this time you use only one leg. The principles are exactly the same. You need to bounce explosively.

Now those two exercises, if done right, can alone add a up to five inches to your vertical, over a couple of months. If however you feel you want to raise your vertical jump faster, I suggest you check out my review for Vert Shock, a vertical jump training program I highly recommend. I used this myself to increase my jumping height and it was simply amazing.

You need to know that those exercises are for training your muscle reflex. You probably wont feel very much exhaustion in your legs after those exercises and the fact is that, you don’t have to. You don’t have to always be totally worn off after training. A workout should consist of 2 – 3 sets each and 5 – 7 repetitions each set. If you also go to gym or train your legs with any other possible method, then leave those 2 exercises until the end of the workout.

This workout should be done twice or three times per week. If you are an advanced athlete and have somekind of proffessional knowledge, you can modify this yourself.

Remember I was talking about those African tribes that bounce around? Well now you know why they bounce so high. Their movement consists of great inertial resistance and a nice “bounce”. They train their muscle reflex in one of the best ways possible, although they are totally freakin’ unaware of that themselves.
Jump Reflex

I guess I’m gonna have to pull it together for now. Now remember, to raise your vertical jump it’s important to train your jump reflex. Bounce with a 55 – 60 degree knee bend maximum. If you go any lower, it’s gonna turn into a jump squat.

If you have already been training vertical jump before, you are probably stuck with your improvements. Don’t worry, it happens with everybody as your body just gets used to your workouts and doesn’t see a reason to improve it’s performance. Fortunately for you, there are a couple of training programs out there. I personally especially recommend Vert Shock. I used this program myself and it has improved my basketball game immensely. Vert Shock raised my vertical jump by 11 inches(!!) and I can now dunk easily

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Tips On How To Increase Vertical Jump To Dunk

7 Tips On How To Increase Vertical Jump To Dunk

If you want to be the guy on the court who can dunk the ball and score the most points, then you need to learn some ways on how to increase your vertical jump to dunk. To be frank, there are ways to increase your vertical jump that work very well. However, there are other folks out there that teach ways to increase your vertical jump that simply don’t work. Like you, I grew tired of the millions of pages online about ways to increase your vertical that simply taught the wrong methods.  So I put this blog together. This post will show you 7 ways to increase your vertical jump that are tried and true. The same ones that the star athletes use. So let’s get going.

Tips On How To Increase Vertical Jump To Dunk #1

What does and NBA star have that you don’t? (Besides money, fame, women, prestige and the ultimate lifestyle) Just a little humor there. But seriously, the NBA star has confidence. He’s confident in his ability to slam dunk the ball at will.  And if you’re looking into how to increase your vertical jump to dunk…then being confident in your ability is your very first step. The most powerful muscle your body is your brain so use it to your advantage.

There’s an old quote that goes: “If you’re going to do something, do it right or not at all.” So that being said, it all starts with your confidence. One of the best ways to increase your vertical jump is by believing you can do it. Leave doubts behind.

Tips On How To Increase Vertical Jump To Dunk #2

Get To Work. If you are pondering different ways to increase your vertical jump… Therein lies the problem. Pondering won’t increase your vertical. Practice will! Make a commitment to yourself that you are going to increase your vertical at any cost. Failure is not an option. Make out a journal and log all the times you’ve worked on ways to increase your vertical jump. At the end of the week, track your results and see how often you’ve been working on this.

Work smarter, not harder. The reward is not bigger for the person who took the long way to success. Basically, you can work your tail off trying to figure out ways to increase your vertical jump to dunk, but why not study some people who’ve done it already. Invest in a program that teaches you specific ways to increase your vertical jump. The blogs you read are cool, but a program is better.

increase your vertical

Tips On How To Increase Vertical Jump To Dunk #3

Ensure proper recovery after your workouts. Train hard. Eat right. Your training is only as strong as its weakest link. If you train hard but fail to rest and eat proper, then it’ll be all for nothing. Do you think Michael Jordon would spend all day training then go home and eat bonbons and watch the Simpsons? I highly doubt it. Every successful athlete has a rigorous workout schedule and a highly effective recovery period. Since you are working on ways to increase your vertical jump, you too need to be disciplined in your recovery. Don’t take this lightly. Don’t let a poor recovery hold you back.

Tips On How To Increase Vertical Jump To Dunk #4

Exaggerate your last step to use your lower body effectively before taking the jump. Look at the ways the NBA players jump. That last step before you leap is crucial. Model the pros on this one. They are the ones who can teach you the best ways to improve your vertical jump. If you are not going to model the pros, then at least find a mentor you can study from. If you’ve been searching for ways to increase your vertical jump but have been failing to get results, maybe you should switch up your approach. Study the professionals and find a mentor.

Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump #5

Another one of the great ways to increase your vertical jump is to increase your flexibility. Flexibility helps create synergy. It will help improve your form, prevent injury and best of all help you increase your vertical.

Put together a stretching routine that will improve your ways to increase your vertical jump. There are a lot of them out there and they should not be too difficult to find on this website.

Tips On How To Increase Vertical Jump To Dunk #6

Explosiveness is as important as flexibility when it comes to ways to increase your vertical jump to dumk. After all, if you don’t have the explosive power when you go to take the leap, you’ll just end up doing a lay up instead of a full fledged dunk. To increase your explosiveness, add jump squats to your work out schedule. There are many exercises that will help improve your ways to increase your vertical jump; however the jump squat is by far the most effective. It’ll help give you that explosive power you need to take the leap.

Tips On How To Increase Vertical Jump To Dunk #7

jump coachFind a mentor or trainer that will help you improve your ways to increase your vertical jump. Look at every sport out there. Tom Brady has a quarter back coach. Manny Ramirez has a batting coach. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had a basketball coach. What makes you so different? If you are serious about finding ways to increase your vertical jump, then I’d highly recommend finding a mentor. If you can’t find one locally, then you can have a personal coach via online video. If you are struggling to find a coach, check out Vert Pro. This jump training program doesn’t just give you hundreds of resources, but it also puts you in direct contact with Adam Folker, one of the best jump training coaches out there.

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