How I managed to dunk a basketball

Tevin JacksonMy name is Tevin Jackson although locally I am better known by my nickname, Jumping Jack. I gained this nickname because despite being only 1.82m I am able to dunk a basketball and have done so many times in my recent basketball games.

The truth is that I didn’t just learn how to dunk a basketball overnight and that I wasn’t even that athletic to begin with. I didn’t even break the first team until a little over a year ago, and I knew exactly why. My long shots were getting blocked, rebounds that should have been mine were stolen by guys taller than me, and any time I got close to the basket I just got swallowed up by my opponents and got exactly nowhere. My height, combined with not being able to jump higher really restricted my play.

It was at this point that I realized I needed to play smart. I had my dream of learning how to dunk a basketball and decided I wasn’t going to stop researching all the ins and outs of it. I tried everything including different shoes, gimmicky exercises and training programs. Eventually, just over a year ago, I finally did it. I improved my vertical leap by 11 inches and I dunked my first basketball. My coach was ecstatic, and my team was too. I broke into the first team, and this was just the mental boost that I needed to really get going. Since then I have become the team star. I  am still one of the shortest guys on my team, but I score the most, my blocks and steals are on par with my taller teammates and most importantly, I show off dunks in my games whenever the opportunity arises. I have gained a lot of attention recently from scouts, other players, coaches and spectators and I’m loving it! There is no reason you can’t do the same as I did, and hopefully that is exactly why you’re here!

Why I created this website

I created this website not only because I wanted to show off my own skill, but also because I feel there is a lot of sports and indeed basketball potential in many of us, even if at first sight they may not have the required physique. I was just too short, while my opponents were getting taller and taller each season. Of course, not everyone can just enter the NBA and I didn’t get that far (yet?). But I am the living proof that with the right coaching, technique and training even someone of my relatively small size can become a great basketball player, and I hope to show everyone the ways how to dunk a basketball.

Tevin Jackson Showing How to Dunk a Basketball

How I gained my results

The truth on how to dunk a basketball is that you require a high vertical leap. This doesn’t just happen overnight, and the average basketball player will most likely spend years trying to perfect their jumping technique. I did too, and I found that much advice I got worked somewhat, but a lot of tips I got missed the mark, or didn’t work as much as I hoped. It was only in the last year that I really perfected my vertical by following a program of exercises and techniques that really worked wonders.

Now, I didn’t work out these exercises and techniques myself. I decided to make a jump start (definitely a pun intended) on my training and buy Vert Shock, a basketball jump training program developed by professional player Adam Folker and the worlds highest dunker Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington. These two guys have a world of basketball history and expertise between them. Adam Folker is a professional basketball player, who also a certified strength and conditioning expert. He travels all over the world teaching people how to improve their jumping specifically and gives workshops constantly. Justin Darlington is a name you may recognize too. He has won hundreds of dunking competitions, in many of which he has beaten NBA players we all love to watch. ‘Jus Fly’ has a 50 inch vertical leap. Adam and Justin have joined forces and the two of them have spent years tinkering up the best vertical jumping program in the world.

Dunk a basketball with vert shock

I have spent 8 weeks doing this program and the results have just been incredible. What’s more is that I’m not alone. Adam and Jus have trained thousands of people, including hundreds of current professional athletes to jump higher, and more effective. Their brilliant program has had an immense result on me. With my higher vertical jump I can now dunk basketballs like a pro, and I reap the rewards of my dedication to this program every day. Read my full review on Vert Shock here!

Go to the Vert Shock website  Read my extensive Vert Shock Review

I recommend their product to anyone, and if anyone has any questions about the product or me at all, please do not be scared to ask. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. I leave you with a video taken from one of my games last year. At this point I had finished the Vert Shock program and I was having the game of my life.