Workouts to help you dunk

Top 3 Workouts To Help You Dunk

When you are a basketball player of any skill level, it is important to your game that you have some form of jumping capabilities. It would be ideal to keep yourself informed about workouts to help you dunk.

Short term results are fine for any exercise regime, but its wise to also consider and focus on longer term results, which will include other exercises besides leg muscle exercises. Here are a few workouts that will help you dunk in and outside of regular games.

Workout 1 – Split Scissor Jumps
To begin, jump as high as you possibly can while at the same time alternating your feet positioning. Repeat this procedure so you are at the starting position, which is counted as a single repetition. A similar movement to scissors, hence the exercise name.

Workout 2 – Skaters
This particular exercise has been proven to aid in the increase of lateral and vertical agility. It is necessary to jump as high as possible and to change direction as soon as possible to perform this exercise effectively. To begin, place two cones or similar objects about 2 – 3 steps from each other. Do this exercise by standing beside the first cone and jumping towards the second, landing only on one foot. Repeat this motion to get back to where you started landing on the alternate foot. Consider that one repetition.

Workout 3 – Dynamic Step Overs
To perform this exercise correctly you will need something sturdy enough that you can easily and safely jump off, such as a weight bench or plyometric box. In this exercise you will jump from one side of the obstacle to the other, with emphasis on speed (an
d careful not to have any accidents!). Begin by standing beside the obstacle either with your left or right side facing the obstacle. Step up onto the obstacle and place both feet on top. End half of the repetition by stepping off to the other side. Now return back to your original starting position and that will count as one repetition. Remember, speed is of the essence here, but not at the expense of safety!

Help to Dunk

In this article I have briefly described three workouts to help you dunk that are simple to do but effective if done correctly. This includes split scissor jumps, skaters and dynamic step overs. With the exercises offered you just need to create a consistent training regimen. If you do that and use these exercises you will see improvements in your vertical leaping ability. Do keep in mind however – try to maintain the fullest concentration at all times. This way you will attain the best results and be at less risk of hurting yourself, whilst performing these workouts to help you dunk!

The workouts mentioned in this post will definitely have an effect on the height of your vertical jump. However, there are more effective ways and there are many more workouts to be found to improve your jumping ability. Why not give yourself access to the same resources that the pros have – those that have tremendous vertical leaping ability do? Learn more about Vert Shock in my most recent review.

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