Ways to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump, Guaranteed.

If you are like me, then you are probably asking if there are proven ways to increase your vertical jump. Let alone ways to increase your vertical jump in less than an hour per day. The short and skinny answer is yes. There are ways to increase your vertical jump in under an hour per day. But there is a word of caution I’d like to offer. While it is possible to increase your vertical with the techniques I’m about to share with you, these techniques should be complimentary to your current exercise routine. A person doesn’t just come in off the street and run the Boston Marathon. Neither should you just expect to come in and implement the ways to increase your vertical jump without any other training involved. As an aside, while researching ways to increase your vertical jump, the best resource I found was over at Vert Shock.  I have written a large review about this product here.

Tighten Those Laces And Get Your Shoeware Ready

If you want to increase your vertical jump, then take your shoes seriously. Obviously you’re not going to wear a pair of Sanuks while you’re playing basketball, that would be suicide. Simple enough, get yourself a good pair of high tops. You don’t have to invest in a pair of Kobe shoes, but a good pair of basketball shoes is essential. Some players have good shoes, but they leave their laces semi-loose. This is counter intuitive. Tighten those laces. It’s nearly impossible to implement the ways to increase your vertical jump when your laces are half loose. When your laces are tight, they help support your ankles while you are running. You’ll notice your feet won’t slosh around when your laces are tight, thus giving you greater jumping power. Nuff said about the shoes. After all, this isn’t a Nike commercial.

Another one of the cool ways to increase your vertical is by stretching a bit with the foam roller.  I know what you’re thinking.  You just want to increase your vertical. You’re not interested in the lame details. Well…the truth is this.  If you are serious about finding ways to increase your vertical jump, then you have to start with the basics. Even Michael Jordan practiced free throw shooting for hours before a game. (There’s a lesson there if you want to pay attention to it).
Back to the rolling foam technique. You’ve probably seen these things at the gym or at your local sports store. They are about 4 feet wide and about 20 inches around.  All you do is put it under the small of your back and roll back and forth and side to side. Then use it for your glutes, hamstrings and calves. It’s a great stretch and you’ll feel a lot better after you do it. So what does this have to do with the ways to increase your vertical jump? A lot. The science behind this technique is the fact that it improves your muscle tissue and increases your overall mobility. So add this to your workout routine.

Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump With Warm-Up Exercises

Below is a sample warm-up routine you can incorporate into your ways to increase your vertical jump regimen.
High Knees                                                                             20 ground contacts
Kick Butts                                                                               20 ground contacts
Karaoke                                                                                  20 ground contacts
Front Leg Swings                                                                   15 swings X 2
Side-Side Leg Swings                                                             15 swings X 2
Glute Bridges                                                                         12 bridges
Toe Touch To Glute Squeeze                                                 10 X 2
Walking Lunges With A Twist Toward Forward Knee         10 X 2
Butt To Ground Body Squat                                                   10 X 2
Ankle Roll                                                                              30 seconds each ankle
Arm Swing Front To Back                                                     15 X 2
Jump Rope                                                                              3 sets of 20 seconds/max rep

Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump And Your Approach

The speed of your approach is essential to the ways to increase your vertical jump. You see, so many people do a running head start, then stop and jump just before they get to the rim. This is counter productive. Other people run so fast they can’t even plant their foot properly. Again, counter productive. If you are running so fast that your approach just falls apart…then slow it down a little. The right speed will yield a higher jump. When it comes to ways to increase your vertical jump, don’t fall flat on your approach. Practice it religiously.

The Penultimate Step Is Crucial When It Comes To Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump

The penultimate step is the 2nd to last step before the jump. This approach is used heavily in track and field events. Which is why it’s essential to understand this in your search for ways to increase your vertical jump. What happens here is that 2nd to last step is strategically placed. Watch professional basketball players during a dunk contest. It looks like their steps are methodical. That’s because they are. That penultimate step will be the spring board for increasing your vertical.

Improving Your Form Is One Of The Best Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump Now

Proper form and alignment not only will prevent injury, but it also power and energy to flow through your body efficiently. Of all the ways to increase your vertical jump, this one is probably the most effective.  Here are the details.
Your toes and knees should point the same direction.
Just before your foot hits the floor, your toe should be pointed upward.
Focus on the velocity of the movement.  (See yourself doing it)
Your arms, core and legs should be moving upward at the same time.
If you lean forward too far, it slows down your momentum and sabotages your leaping efforts.  Lean your chest only slightly forward.  The line from your head should be nearly straight going down to your knees.  Sounds tricky at first, but you can do it.
There are other ways to increase your vertical jump, but this method is probably the best.  Since it is one of the most difficult ways to increase your vertical jump, I have included a video that walks you through it a litter better.

High Vertical Jump

Tricky Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump

There are ways to increase your vertical jump by “tricking” your brain. It sounds silly, but here’s how it works. Lift heavy weights (if you don’t already). You see, when you lift heavy weight explosively this tells your brain to send more muscles to that area of your body and send stronger neural signal. Can you see how you can use this in your ways to increase your vertical jump regimen? If not, let me explain.

Lifting heavy weights conditions your brain to sending signals to send more muscles where needed. Now, when you leap your brain sends those same neuro signals and tells your body to expand those muscles at a greater pace, thus increasing your vertical leap.

A great exercise to include in your ways to increase your vertical jump regimen would be jumping squats instead of regular squats. Try it next time, you’ll see the results for yourself. I’ll post more ways to increase your vertical jump on my next post. However, until then read my review for Vert Shock, a jump training program that gives guarenteed results. I have used this program myself and can now jump much, much higher


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